youthful misdeeds if you really are interested, what youthful misdeeds really means:
badiadi was so kind to lend me for this purpouse one of his famous examples.
it is often discussed, if it's reasonable to publish such heavy stuff uncensored. after all there are a lot of young men an women surfing the net and they aren't yet strengthened enough to be confronted with the hole truth about live. but maybe it could be a warning for them: the abuse of legal or illegal drugs may cause serious guitar-playing and a critical stat of singing

adults, don't listen! better close this window and listen to the songs from toco's homepage            

for downloading the rm-file (1,1MB) you've got to right-click (or left click and hold if you're on macintosh) here       , then left-click "save link as" or "save target as", name the file and click save.

(you'll need real-player or compatible to stream this sins)


-->play loFi             (28kB modem)
play miFi             (56kB Modem)
play HiFi             (fast connections)


still ashamed:             tocodille