cd make the tocodille's album "4 self burners" yourself.
howto download the covers:

   leftclick on one of the pictures to enlage and then save them by rightclicking and choosing the option "save picture as...."
   save them directly by rightclicking and choosing the option "save target as..."

covers  frontcover (378kB)  cd-back (251kB)
  booklet or alternate front cover (311kB)  back inside (transparent case recommended) or alternate cd-back (251kB)
all open them all at once...            about 1,2 MB.
yes, quite a lot of bytes. but I made them with 300 dpi for having a good print-quality.

get all the needed mp3-files on the listen           -page except Praeludium.
for Praeludium take this file. why?
cause 2304 should follow Praeludium immediately without any pause inbetween.
therefore I stored here a version of the song that stops exactely at the point where 2304 should start.
for exact results, you have to check, that you're cd-writer-software doesn't insert any pause between the songs. (usually you can control this featuere by setting the pause to 0).
you may use a regular 74 min. (650MB) cd-r assuming you set all pauses to 0.

all too complicated? well then buy the cd´ 4 lazy burners            


songorder title
-- ----
01 Praeludium
02 2304
03 tschelloFi
04 LL
05 5R
06 didadedo
07 without flute
08 oWo
09 not like A
10 wip3
11 bad?
12 chilli's out
© tocodille            is the owner of all rights for pictures and music-files.
download, copy and modifing for personal use of course admitted (that's why they are online, aren't they?).
please, no sale, resale, commercial use and all the other blablabla that everybody writes on their sites to make them look professional.