new nezzparade:
thanks to all for voting!.
oWo entered at position #6 in the "nezzparade"            
of "das ding", a german radio station.
oWo was on air for a few weeks, so tocodille was lucky to reach people avoiding the net.

newest song sill:

next song is out sooner or later .
you will not be informed for its release by email, even if you're member of tocodille's mailservice, because I stopped this service. spaming has become a plague and I don't want to do anything that is actually quite similar to it.

tocodille needed more sun and moved his site to the picturesque island of tokelau.that's why I got a new first level domain:      
don't think this is some kind of offshore tax-avoiding thing: tocodille is still non-commercial (until further notice...).

a witty review of tocodille's songs has been published in the german e-zine (now offline).
so read the hole story here      !

for all thouse overseas, who missed the plane to get the libro journal: I made the feature about tocodille       available on my homepage. check it out

tocodille tried to answer the questions of meet-music      , an german internet-music site. get the portait right here      

new remix out
a remix of my song oWo by Walter von der Vogelweide
think it´s quite good, check it out.

news for lazy burners:
steady go, the blindText-remix of roan
is on maz      ´s compilation ´traked works 2000´. get it here      

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